Astrid & Sander

Astrid Akay is a theater director and actress, dancing in Brussels with the Old Soulz. Her central interest in the african american vernacular jazz dance is Lindy hop, its history and legacy today. How do we develop our own personnal dance language while inheriting of the powerful beauty and complexity of the original lindy hop ? How do we keep the freedom of improvising and the joy of surprising ourselves when dancing, and at the same time work very specifically and precisely on original video clips ? Those are some of the questions that are driving Astrid to keep learning and exploring the dance.

Sander has had a passion for the swing era, its music and aesthetic, since he was a teenager. He’s part of the Brussels swing dance community and together with the old soulz dance crew he works on breaking down video footage from the great African American masters, drawing inspiration from them to keep their style and spirit alive.